Each generation discovers the past for itself depending on how that past is handed down to it, hence our commitment to prevent the relegation of history to the deeper shades of obscurity. The cultural route “Travelling Through the Unknown Revival takes us along the caravan routes crossing Bulgaria far and wide so that merchants could deliver the best and the finest produce of the land to the country's remotest corners. Since ancient times Haynboaz and Shipka Passes have linked Tryavna, Dryanovo, Sevlievo and Gabrovo. Our first stop on the way is Tryavna. Initially it was part of the old Bulgarian capital Tarnovgrad but later it became famous for its wood-carved churches, houses and icon-painting tradition. Dryanovo is next along the way with its tall stone walls moulded by the hands of true craftsmen. It is the birthplace of Usta Kolyo Ficheto, a famous master-builder, who built houses and bridges standing proudly to this day for admirers to marvel at. Another picturesque town - Sevlievo - stands across the plain and rich fields irrigated by Rositsa River where the wheat crops that the entire region feeds on are grown and where proud and hard working people live together driven by a common goal. The road to Shipka takes us to Gabrovo, the town of travelling merchants, skillful technicians and gun and knife blacksmiths. The people of Gabrovo have long been known as rather miserly, although education has always been extremely well financed in town and perhaps that was the reason why the first secular school in modern Bulgaria opened its doors there.

The four towns have their distinctive features but what unites them is the mountain, the rivers springing from it, the common history, the common family origin and interests. The Revival is the time when people and lands formerly unknown become famous and the world rediscovers Bulgaria and the Balkan people – tradesmen, skillful artisans, talented wood-carvers and icon-painters, famous builders and farmers.


  Sevlievo Dryanovo

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